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Live Online Speech Therapy

We are here to offer your school, child or loved one expert speech and language services delivered on online.  This service delivery model, known as "telepractice,"  is approved by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.  Studies demonstrate that progress is the same as, if not better, when compared to traditional speech therapy.  

See the Difference

Our mission is not only providing top-notch speech and language services at a distance, but it is also about building relationships.  We are a small company focused on meeting the specific needs of our clients, while maintaining continuity of service.  We believe that strong and steady relationships, over time, are an integral piece of overall client progress.   

Our Therapy Services

school-based online speech therapy, school based telepractice

For Schools

We provide licensed and certified speech-language pathologists to fill your school needs.  Our SLPs are experienced with working with schools via telepractice through our reliable, HIPAA compliant platform. From direct therapy and evaluations, to IEPs, consultation and collaboration, we do it all! Most importantly, kids love connecting with us online!

Online speech therapy, speech therapy over the computer

For Families

Are you looking for private speech-language therapy but having difficulty with transportation, or fitting another appointment to get to in your already busy day?  We offer private, online speech therapy by licensed and certified SLPs in the comfort of your own home, with flexible scheduling.  You can easily log in from home and enjoy a variety of fun activities to target speech and language goals.

Reading, Writing and Spelling

We utilize a research-based assessment and treatment program that specifically targets reading, writing and spelling difficulties.  This systematic, multi-sensory approach simultaneously targets reading, writing and vocabulary for academic success.  

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